Almost_Fusion 2013

        this is just a little thank you for a great 2013 
        and with this i wish you all a merry miX.mas  
unfortunately the original set wasn't recorded. 
but as many people asked for a recording of the set 
i thought it would be nice to have some audio memories - 
so i re:mixed the tracks i've played at
just for fun. or pleasure. or whatever. 
maybe it'll take you back to this sunny sunday morning, at karl kutter/fusion

(due to some memory loss a few tracks are probably missing. sorry for that)

Inspired By Sleep, Woken By Death

                        don't you dare to live your dreams
                                 and beware of the bad panda 

01. Yujen - Heirloom
02. B.Hamilton - Gold Tooth (Chromatic Dream Mix)
03. How Love - Holly
04. Barrido Lindo - Balseros
05. Origamibiro - Flicker
06. André Uhl - Native
07. Dead Times - Freefall
08. Felix - Shades
09. Umin - Voulo
10. Holobody - Fantasy
11. Autumna - Fractured Life
12. Ghostandthesong - Stuck
13. Digits - Because It's Wrong
14. Coin Locker Kid - Here Comes Everybody
15. Jaws vs Paws - Jungle Wild
16. Dead Times - Centuries
17. Sad Soul Circus - Colorful Lights
18. André Uhl - Leviathan
19. Oskar Schuster - Sneeuwland
20. Terriers - For You
21. Jiony - Waiting For The Sun
22. Anon - Jungle Rag
23. Orae - Green & Fog
24. Chymera - Fathoms (Esteble ft. BeatuniQue On Hang Dive Deep Rmx)
25. Falcon Lake - Shores
26. Warner - Luna
27. Tülpa - Still Here
28. Barrio Lindo ft. Chancha Vi A Circuito - La Cueva
29. Andrea - Work The Middle
30. Thompost - Birds (Calika Rmx)
31. The Blank - For The Hills
32. Lasers - Amsterdam
33. Yakamoto Kotzuga - Your Smell

Where Circles Begin II

warm up mix for our night at watergate/berlin, "where circles begin"  

feel free to join us at   

November 27, 2013
live at Watergate Club, Berlin  

Into Darkness With A Lion [Autumnversion]

      »... and human speech is like a cracked kettle
 on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to,
 while we long to make music that will melt the stars«

                Gustave Flaubert, 'Madame Bovary'  
01. Teho Teardo (with Balanescu Quartet) - The Model Policeman
02. Teho Teardo (with Balanescu Quartet) - A Perfect Agitator
03. The Books - Vogt Dig For Kloppervok
04. Girls In Hawaii - Rorschach
05. Trentemøller - Morphine
06. Rhye - Open (S O H N Remix)
07. Ms Mr - Dark Doo Wop
08. Dean Blunt - Two
09. The Be Good Tanyas - Waiting Around To Die
10. Girls In Hawaii - Misses
11. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
12. The Books - Venice
13. rampue - It's Like Her Kiss 
14. Emilíana Torrini - Speed Of Dark
15. Kellerkind - Your Love
16. Solander - Generations Lost
17. Of Norway - A Forest
18. Trentemøller - Deceive (Instrumental)
19. Solander - Book Of Advice
20. Kellerkind - Itchy Feet
21. The Building - Friendly Fire
22. Symmetry - The Hunt
23. Trentemøller - Trails (Instrumental)

Postcards From My Slow And Melancholic Descent Into Alcoholism


01. Ohio Wow Signal - Don't Lose Your Illusions
02. The Hundred In The Hands - Aggravation (Unknown Number)
03. Johannes Amende - Crucial (Unknown Rerub)
04. Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire (Unknown Number)
05. Zoë Keating - Lost (Lost In Unknown Drums Version)
06. Monarchy - You Don't Want To Dance With Me (Unknown VGM)
07. Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule (Unknown Cut)
08. Alt-J - Bloodflood (Unknown Revision)
09. Aleah - My Will (Unknown VGM)
10. Annie Crane - Money Only Hates Me (Unknown Cut)
11. Iron & Wine - On Your Wings (Unknown Rerub)
12. Gloria - This Must Be The Place (Unknown Number)
13. Close ft. Joe Dukie - My Way (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands Rmx) [Unknown Revision]
14. Chet Faker - Love & Feeling (Unknown Whoop Whoop)
15. Recondite - Sultry (Ohio Wow Signal Version)
16. Ohio Wow Signal - TX7



Walking With Shadows

                              The lost tapes 
                                    side A 

S/he Is The One

                   there is only one Gunther G.


Kiss Me Kiss Me Till I Die

20.000 Leagues Into Your Summer

dedicated to the sun the moon the stars 
and ml

Last Exit Troja

80minutes takataka for our trip to fledermausland

Sommerwirr [das muss so]

digged through the village of the damned
found some horror kraut pop records

Cover Artwork by Ashley Hayward



all credits belong to Johnny Jewel
and the Italians Do It Better Family 

This Is Not A Summer Promo

limited download!

Cover Artwork by the lovely crystalmafia 

[Indian] Desert Lullabies

this is what happens when you run to the studio
totally stoned -
with a desert trip and a bloodred moon in mind.